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If a particular provider is not located in your area or a member of our network, please ‘Recommend’ him/her to be part of Soteria by following the instructions to join. ‘Starter Kits’ for any provider in our eleven state region and among our multiple disciplines are FREE. Providing someone’s practice name and address for a free ‘Starter Kit’ does not put them on a routine mailing list. Soteria Healthcare is committed to protecting you and your privacy. We will not sell, trade or rent personal information on mailing lists to others in any way.

pdf reportSoteria Healthcare Network Chiropractic Provider | KAISER PERMANENTE HMO DIRECTORY — Download Here >>
A Comprehensive List of All In-Network HMO Participating Chiropractic Providers May Also Be Found In Your Printed HMO Kaiser Permanente of Georgia Directory.

Got Questions About A Provider, Please Don’t Hesitate to Call Us At: (770) 455-8190


If you would like to nominate a provider to join Soteria Healthcare please call our Application Hotline at: (770) 455-8190 or e-mail us their name(s) and address(es) and we’ll mail them a ‘Starter Kit’ for free. All recommended providers are sent credentialing materials and invited to join Soteria. Once Soteria receives completed credentialing materials, the credentialing process will take approximately 5-60 days to complete, dependent upon how complete the application materials are. If a provider is approved to participate, Soteria will notify them with welcoming materials and specific information regarding participation. Providers that are approved for network participation are activated immediately once credentialing is completed.

Soteria Healthcare Networks provides the network of chiropractors for the Kaiser Permanente Health Plan of Georgia HMO Benefit Plan and Self-Funded Program.

In order to find a participating in-network provider, please click on the directory below which pertains to your Georgia Benefit Plan through Kaiser Permanente Health Plan of Georgia. If you have any questions about a particular chiropractic provider, please feel free to contact a Soteria Healthcare Representative directly by calling (770) 455-8190, then press ‘0’. We will be happy to tell you who is closest to your desired location and help answer any of your questions.

Information in this directory is subject to change without notice. Your plan may or may not include coverage for, or offer a discount on, the services you will be seeking. Additionally, not all providers listed may participate with your plan. Prior to receiving treatment, please confirm that your provider participates with your health plan and verify what your financial responsibility will include.