Black Red and Yellow Illustrative News & Politics Podcast Cover(16)We like to celebrate our Providers and the Patients they serve. Here are just some of the many testimonials we receive …

docpreneur survey (2)“The staff at Soteria Healthcare are very experienced accessible and helpful. They don’t give me an excuse or long, drawn-out answers. Definitely a 10/10!”

Black Red and Yellow Illustrative News & Politics Podcast Cover(17)“We want to set an example for how effective chiropractic care is among all generations. We [chiropractors] are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such well-respected organizations as AARP Georgia and Soteria Healthcare and we are very excited about where chiropractic is going in their hands.”


“You [Soteria Healthcare] are always sending me patients! Soteria Healthcare is one of the best chiropractic networks in the country.”

“All services and questions are completed in a timely manner. Our Office is very impressed with the quick turnaround of authorizations, etc., in every Department.”

“We’re very pleased with how Soteria Healthcare is promptly processing our claims and sending us payments on a regular basis.”

“Don’t change a thing. The staff and procedures are all working very well.”

docpreneurleadershipacademy-h“I recently saw a dozen or two patients from Soteria Healthcare clients who had never before seen a chiropractor. I have definitely found a network that works for us.”

“We always get a live response to our questions within 24 hours.”

“Soteria Healthcare is opening so many doors for chiropractic with their professionalism and experience. We have so many patients!”