Welcome to Soteria!

cropped-2006_shn_logo_pantone2.jpgSOTERIA HEALTHCARE NETWORK, INC., partners with multiple HMO and PPO health plan systems throughout the southeastern U.S. Soteria’s goal is to assist health plans and payors manage costs and help each patient receive the right formula of treatment, education, etc., to stay healthy and live an active, pain-free lifestyle.

Soteria Healthcare Network is becoming the southeast’s leading network provider of specialty benefits for complementary alternative health care, including: chiropractic care, massage therapy and complementary medicine to employer groups, health plans and insurance carriers. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Soteria Healthcare Network has a strong commitment to local community involvement and is currently contracted with over 8.9 million members in benefit programs throughout the southeastern United States and Arizona.

Soteria Healthcare Network continues to set and achieve the highest performance standards in the chiropractic/CAM network market. We invest in our employees, and partner with health plans and providers from around the country and provide ‘quality healthcare, the natural way,’ everyday!